Yard Management Technologies/Systems

Connecting the Dots from Warehouse to Customer

How can you identify hidden bottlenecks in the trailer yard? What about prioritizing shipment arrivals and dock-assignment scheduling? How do you manage yard jockey activity? Would you like to allocate vehicles to loads more quickly? Do you know what’s on those trailers? Can you actually see everything happening in the yard?

There’s no doubt a trailer yard can be somewhat of a “black hole” in the supply chain where inefficiencies can persist. However, a yard management system can address many of these questions, while reducing the reliance on manual, paper-based yard management-inventory processes, improving the overall flow of goods, and providing accurate, real-time information.

Comprehensive Logistics can tailor the right yard management system (YMS) to customers’ specific needs, and can integrate the YMS with STREME™, our proprietary warehouse management system (WMS).

YMS Benefits

  • Improved asset management—Tracks trailers, including refrigerated containers, and the movement of switchers and shunters can be tracked throughout the yard. Real-time communication enables immediate reactions to yard alerts and provides the flexibility to switch trucks to eliminate lag time between moves.
  • Streamlined dock-assignment scheduling—Based on customer-generated pull signals, trailers with the required product are identified and assigned to dock doors by user-defined priorities at the warehouse for unloading and where the “receiving” process is controlled by the WMS.
  • Faster cross-dock capabilities—Trailers in the yard can bypass unloading at the warehouse dock and move out of the yard for transport to a defined destinations.
  • Streamlined process—Dock congestion and inefficient labor productivity are eliminated, while gate throughput and load sequencing at the dock are improved.
  • Better coordination of events—Taking critical characteristics, such as FIFO rules, shipment type, load configuration, labor requirements, and dock and warehouse capacity, the YMS can plan, execute, track, and audit loads.
  • Greater visibility—With the click of a mouse, customers have enterprise-wide visibility to yard activity, from where trailers and tractors are parked and the number of available empty trailers, to who came in and out of the gate, and whether schedules are being met.
  • Valuable information—The YMS provides access to trailer contents and the ability to prioritize shipment arrivals; in addition, customers can standardize yard processes and eliminate detention and demurrage charges associated with yard delays. Also, ad hoc and custom charts and reports can be generated.
  • No more dock congestion—With faster gate throughput and processing, trailers move to the dock more quickly and move goods more efficiently.

Integrated with a Comprehensive Logistics’ yard management solution, the right YMS can provide the big-picture view of a company’s supply chain, which leads to better communication, higher efficiency, and, ultimately, improved customer satisfaction.