Yard Management Approach

Comprehensive Logistics employs a proven approach to streamline and optimize yard activity; overcome challenges; and maintain the efficient, timely movement of equipment, inventory, and labor resources by:

  • Establishing user-defined priorities to ensure optimal movement throughout the yard.
  • Adjusting priorities in response to variations in receiving and shipping volumes.
  • Developing key performance indicators that continuously improve the quality, efficiency, and accuracy of yard operations through data capture of each trailer’s “life cycle” and position in the yard.
  • Maximizing efficiency and visibility by using technologies to facilitate trailer tracking and gate processes.
  • Accommodating unique yard footprints, road access, material flows, and local operating constraints.

Comprehensive Logistics incorporates this approach into our tailored yard management solutions, from site design and receipt of schedule, to how trailers check in and out, and demurrage control.

Site Design

Comprehensive Logistics’ engineers optimize the space in the yard so trailers and other equipment are stationed properly. We can customize the yard management system (YMS), providing more flexibility with the location of the workforce, automatic gates, and IT and RFID equipment for automated tracking.

Carrier/Supplier Scheduling

Comprehensive Logistics employs a schedule detailing the trailer’s time of arrival in the yard, the name of the carrier and supplier, whether it is a live unload or a drop and hook, and other critical information. With this information, yard managers can determine peaks in shifts and efficiently staff the operation.

Gate Check-in/Out

Equipped with tracking tags, trailers enter and exit the yard through dedicated, unmanned gates, and information such as carrier and trailer number is generated automatically in the system. This means faster entrances and exits, and quicker deliveries of products.

A manned gate check-in option is also available.

Demurrage Control

From the time a trailer checks into the yard until it leaves through the outbound gate, Comprehensive Logistics monitors every aspect of a trailer’s “life cycle.”

With this audited “paper trail,” Comprehensive Logistics knows how long product is stored in a trailer or container, enabling our OEM customers to more accurately forecast inventory levels.

The YMS can be configured with alerts to help customers identify when trailers are approaching the time limit allowed by the carrier.