Warehouse Engineering

It’s What We Do

Nothing is more synonymous than Comprehensive Logistics and precision engineering.

Engineering is the basis for everything we do. This means our OEM customers’ warehouses and inventories are optimally managed through a Comprehensive Logistics engineered solution.

From the location of the site to facility layout to the staffing plan to how parts flow both inside and outside the warehouse, Comprehensive Logistics engineers all aspects of an OEM’s warehouse and manufacturing-support operation to optimize performance.

The tenets of our engineering methodology are:

  • Holistic, engineered supply chain solutions aligned with Plan For Every Part (PFEP) methodology.
  • Collaborative approach.
  • Complementary engineering studies.
  • Open-book engineering and pricing transparency.
  • Lean engineering-driven culture focused on continuous improvement, waste elimination, and value creation.

Comprehensive Logistics gives our OEM customers complete peace of mind and confidence that our engineered solution will yield the optimal results.

Those results—a successful launch and operation of a steady-state warehouse and manufacturing-support operation—stem from the four key components that comprise our warehouse engineering approach: