transition planning

Is there any such thing as a stress-free start-up?

Any new warehouse start-up or transition raises customer concerns, from the ability to maintain service continuity to staying on budget.

Comprehensive Logistics alleviates the stress by quickly addressing any potential issues with a structured, multiphase warehouse start-up process—a process we’ve perfected over numerous implementations that varied in size and complexity and required turnkey solutions in rigid timelines.

Benefits of Comprehensive Logistics Start-up /Implementation/Transition Planning

  • Precision launches with minimal disruptions
  • Ability to handle simultaneous launches
    • We have the bandwidth, anchored by experienced, cross-functional, multidisciplinary launch teams
  • Deployments in less than 90 days
  • Process driven
  • Accountability and alternative action plans developed before kickoff
  • Collaborative and visible risk analysis
  • KPI measurement and scorecard reporting
  • Project timelines executed using Master Dot methodology

Comprehensive Logistics has honed our methodology to minimize risk and maximize the value of our OEM customers’ investments. Our project management approach features detailed project plans that incorporate timelines for literally hundreds of activities to ensure on-time, on-budget start-ups.

From Day One through steady-state operation, Comprehensive Logistics will be thoroughly engaged to ensure that processes run smoothly, continuous improvement is a regular part of operations, and savings and productivity are trending in the right direction.