Warehouse Management Core Processes

It’s All About That Space

Parts in, parts managed, parts out.

It doesn’t get more basic than that.

Comprehensive Logistics has transformed this simple equation into an art form, leveraging superior workforce management and strong labor relations; STREME™, our proprietary, web-enabled warehouse management system (WMS), developed specifically for highly complex, high-volume OEM applications; and proven processes reinforced over millions of process cycles.


Within the warehouse, Comprehensive Logistics performs five core processes:

Each core process is carefully choreographed to control even the slightest variation. Comprehensive Logistics has spent years pursuing error-prevention controls and invested heavily in the most advanced information systems and automated equipment available. The result is a set of highly efficient, robust processes working in concert to maximize productivity and minimize the potential for nonconformance.

It doesn’t stop there. Our continuous-improvement methodology drives Comprehensive Logistics to make constant refinements that bring our core operations closer to perfection. It’s this operational discipline that provides our OEM customers with improvements in accuracy, performance, and year-over-year financial benefits.

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