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Warehouse Management

In the supply chain, the warehouse operation is the epicenter of activity and plays an integral role in a company’s ability to efficiently and cost-effectively move its products to market.

With so much at stake inside those four walls, it is important to correctly engineer everything upfront—from process review and building design and layout to labor requirements and Lean techniques.

Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) has extensive experience helping the top industrial and automotive OEMs successfully set up, launch and manage their warehouse and manufacturing-support operations.

Holistic View of Warehouse Management

With a vision to solve complex supply chain challenges and deliver world-class results, CLI takes a holistic view of warehouse management, understanding that each customer has unique circumstances and expectations. We apply proven methodologies to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, drive out costs, and meet the most exacting quality standards.

Benefits of Comprehensive Logistics warehouse management solutions:

  • Warehouse Management Core Processes
  • Precision start-ups
    • Simultaneous launches, often in less than 90 days
  • Flexible non-asset/asset-light operating structure
  • Disciplined operations and integrated services
  • Agility to respond quickly to manufacturing scope changes
  • Demonstrated strength in meeting the highest OEM quality standards and stringent deadlines
    • 99.7% inventory accuracy
    • 99.4% on-time delivery rates
    • 1 defective part per million (DPPM)
  • Ongoing focus on continuous improvement initiatives

Steve Olender, VP of Information Technology, shares his views on "A Holistic View of Warehouse Management" in Logistics Tech Outlook.


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