Parts Sorting / Parts Rework

When there’s a need to quickly and efficiently identify and control nonconforming parts that have reached the manufacturing-support operation, Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) employs our robust, value-added parts sorting / parts rework process for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and Tier-1 Suppliers.

OEMs require parts sorting/rework when:

  • A nonconformance has been identified, such as visual defects in the packaging or the part itself.
  • An engineering change has been implemented, and the part has already been received and stored in the manufacturing-support warehouse.
  • A safety alert has been issued.

Through our proprietary STREME™ warehouse management system (WMS), we can immediately identify and verify the part and route it to a “nonconformance cage” and track its status.

Quality Parts Sorting

The process begins with a quality sort in which nonconforming parts are either designated as obsolete or repaired to established OEM quality standards, depending on the nature of the damage or defect. For parts with complex defects, Comprehensive Logistics will enlist our own rework team or contract with a third-party vendor to rework the parts.

Parts Reworking

Reworking nonconforming parts ensures that they meet our OEM customers’ stringent criteria and eliminates the time and cost associated with returning parts to suppliers for rework or replacement.

By identifying and managing nonconforming parts and minimizing their impact as early in the process as possible, Comprehensive Logistics helps to reduce costs, build stronger relationships with suppliers, and ensure the quality of the final product for OEMs and Tier-1 suppiers.


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