Cross Docking / Deconsolidation / Consolidation

When it comes to efficiently separating bulk shipments and re-palletizing materials intended for different destinations, or combining goods from different suppliers into a single shipment, Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) provides value-added cross-docking/deconsolidation/consolidation services that meet the most-demanding just-in-time requirements of automotive and non-automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Our efficient material-flow and inventory-management processes ensure responsive, error-free cross-dock operations. When a shipment is received at our manufacturing-support facility, we have the flexibility to either remove bulk parts from numerous pallets and consolidate them on a single pallet, remove parts from one pallet and re-palletize them on multiple pallets to meet OEM requirements, or load the shipment directly on outbound trailers for immediate shipment to the OEM’s assembly plant.

Effective Cross Docking, Deconsolidation and Consolidation

Managing and tracking the effective cross-docking/deconsolidation/consolidation of the millions of parts that pass through Comprehensive Logistics’ manufacturing-support facilities is STREME™, our proprietary warehouse management system (WMS). STREME provides real-time visibility and material flow control of all parts, from the time they are received and unloaded at the dock, checked in and routed to the designated location, through their shipment to the OEM’s assembly plant.

Regardless of whether parts are cross-docked, or deconsolidated or consolidated for storage, we scan the master label and lot label of the pallet at every critical touchpoint, a key step in our error-proofing process.

With our robust WMS and detailed control methodology, Comprehensive Logistics can develop cross-docking solutions to meet the growing and varying expectations of automotive and non-automotive OEMs, while reducing costs and streamlining material flows.


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