Bulk Parts Metering

Receiving bulk truckload shipments, each containing thousands of parts into the manufacturing-support operation, at scheduled delivery windows throughout the day requires precise coordination, agility, and a process control methodology to ensure the proper receipt of bulk parts.

Leading automotive and non-automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) rely on Comprehensive Logistics’ bulk parts metering process to receive and check-in bulk parts and other commodities, and route them directly to the assembly plant or accurately track them to storage within the warehouse, where they are then picked via FIFO rules and shipped on a just-in-time basis.

Engineering Bulk Parts Metering

The key to this is our highly engineered process, which we employ to optimize floor space, parts handling, and locations. We scan each bulk part container that enters our manufacturing-support operation to an exact location (racking or outbound shipping dock)—and our proprietary STREME™ warehouse management system (WMS) tracks those bulk parts until they are shipped, in specific quantities, to the OEM’s assembly plant.

Reinforced by our stringent process control methodology, the robustness of STREME allows Comprehensive Logistics to meet the most-demanding shipping requirements of OEMs and adjust quickly to last-minute changes, additional shipments, smaller quantities, and switchovers to new parts, which are all essential to supporting the dynamic supply chains of automotive and non-automotive OEMs.


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