Fascia are one of the most visible areas of a vehicle.

As such, the assembly of this A-surface product, made up of fog lamps, headlight grills, air dams, and other parts, requires a high degree of precision and efficient processes.

Automotive OEMs need to look no further than Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) to handle the sub-assembly of this component to meet their production requirements.

Encompassing a five-build station process in our contract-manufacturing operations, CLI’s fascia sub-assembly involves the use of version-controlled work instructions, pre-programmed torque and rivet guns, snap presses, and tow hook presses. We also use scan guns to ensure proper sequencing of parts through the build process.

Our error-proofing incorporates proximity sensors, torque controls, rivet counters, and daily testing and calibration.

Through our precise engineering and process methodology, CLI can produce one fascia assembly approximately every 1-2 minutes on average.



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