Chassis: Rear Suspension

For the precision sub-assembly of rear suspensions for cars, trucks, and SUVs, Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) delivers a highly engineered approach, disciplined process controls, and stringent quality standards to meet the production requirements of OEMs.

Comprising up to 36 build stations, CLI's rear suspension sub-assembly process involves the use of version-controlled work instructions, conveyor systems, robotics, ERP software, fully integrated controllers, precision-calibrated assembly tools, and robust error-proofing processes.

CLI uses barcode scanners, strategically placed sensors, and custom-designed assembly fixtures to ensure that the correct parts are installed. Vehicles are tracked by associating key attributes of each assembly (for example, part numbers; torque values of fasteners; and in-process test results, including “Lateral Runout” results) to the Car Sequence Number (CSN).

Highly automated alignment equipment sets the toe and camber joints in the pre-alignment process to reduce cycle time in the final alignment steps at the OEM’s assembly plant.

Disciplined process controls ensure conformance with stringent quality standards.

Before any completed rear suspension assembly is shipped just in time for lineside delivery to the OEM’s assembly plant, CLI performs a thorough physical inspection to ensure compliance with OEM specifications.


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