Chassis: Front Vertical

Details, precision, and quality define Comprehensive Logistics’ (CLI) sub-assembly process for front vertical chassis builds for car, truck, and SUV OEMs.

Encompassing seven build stations along a conveyor system in our contract-manufacturing operations, front vertical chassis sub-assembly builds involve the use of version-controlled work instructions, high-productivity torque tools, brake hose air leak testers, and lateral runout testers (to check the flatness of rotors).

Front Vertical Chassis Sub Assembly Process

Our highly engineered process is guided by a manufacturing execution systems (MES) software that checks critical components on 100 percent of all production parts. As a result, assemblies advance to the next station only when the task being performed complies with the established work instructions and meets the OEM customer’s requirements.

Error-proofing vision systems verify correct part presence, location, and orientation.


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