Transportation Management

Consumer demand drives OEMs’ need for a continuous flow of parts delivered just in time to their assembly plants. If those parts aren’t delivered on time, it can set off a series of negative consequences: production delays, followed by products failing to get to market in a timely fashion.

In the world of logistics, transportation is the vital artery that controls the flow of material between manufacturers and vendors. The lack of a dedicated shuttle management plan can disrupt schedules, jeopardize order-to-delivery times, and create a ripple of consequences throughout the supply chain.

So ask yourself: Are your parts being consistently delivered on time to meet manufacturing schedules and consumer demand? Can you review a daily history of events to identify the source of potential delays? How confident are you in the shuttle management company responsible for transporting these critical just-in-time parts between your contract manufacturing warehouse and the assembly plant and back again, managing reusable containers and racks?

Transportation managers are bombarded by numbers, maps, routes, time slots, modes, and . . . did we mention numbers? As such, it can be overwhelming trying to balance speed with savings.



CLI's Transportation Management Services

Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) lets shippers focus on their core competencies while we find that elusive symmetry of timeliness and savings. With decades of transportation management experience, CLI provides turnkey transportation management and demonstrated contract carriage and shuttle management solutions, either stand-alone or integrated with our best-in-class warehouse management solutions.

We manage more than 200,000 Shuttles annually and include:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Proprietary shipment software with user-friendly controls
  • Engineered approach
  • Cube optimization techniques
  • ASN creation
  • Exact timestamps
  • Granular dashboards and reports
  • Automated alerts

Our Yard Management movements total 1,000,000 annually and include:

  • Yard Management System (YMS) Technology
  • Engineered approach
  • Experience with various platforms
  • Simplistic implementation and transition
  • Real-time visibility to yard assets
  • Yard driver task optimization
  • Dock management
  • Gatehouse management
  • Integration to external systems
  • Mobile application
  • Exception alerts
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