• Unbiased, non-asset-<br />based approach

    Unbiased, non-asset-
    based approach

  • Robust TMS

    Robust TMS

  • 24/7 Load Control<br />Center management

    24/7 Load Control
    Center management

  • Network of pre-qualified<br />carriers

    Network of pre-qualified


Transportation Management

It’s a question that businesses face on a regular basis:

What’s the least expensive, quickest way to ship my products?

But the answers aren’t what shippers want to hear.

“We can meet your service requirements, but it’ll cost you.”

Or, “There’s a cheaper option, but it’s going to take longer.”

Transportation managers are bombarded by numbers, maps, routes, time slots, modes, and . . . did we mention numbers? As such, it can be overwhelming trying to balance speed with savings.

Comprehensive Logistics lets shippers focus on their core competencies while we find that elusive symmetry of timeliness and savings.

With more than a century of transportation management experience, Comprehensive Logistics provides turnkey transportation management solutions, either stand-alone or integrated with our best-in-class warehouse management solutions.