As OEMs try to wrap their hands around this “thing” called quality, it’s evident that today’s ultra-competitive landscape, whose horizon is dominated by cost and service, requires these companies to build quality into every aspect of their supply chains.

This means conducting a detailed analysis of all procedures, developing a defined approach to implementing change, and deploying a vehicle for measurement.


Customer First Quality Management Systems

Comprehensive Logistics’ (CLI) quality management systems and processes are customer-based and service-focused to meet the exacting standards of increasingly complex OEM supply chains. Our proven systems developed through millions of cycles and intensely tested in high-pressure, just-in-time manufacturing-support environments, address change management, process-control metrics, safety-risk mitigation, work-instructions development, and quality. All consider the potential for error from the point of receipt through shipment.

As part of our quality management, CLIs employs:

  • Process-flow diagrams and requirements
  • Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Process-control plans
  • Process-specific work instructions
  • Manual operating procedures
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