• Five-phase approach

    Five-phase approach

  • In-depth business<br />requirements analysis

    In-depth business
    requirements analysis

  • Reduces inventory<br />and increases visibility

    Reduces inventory
    and increases visibility


IT Engineering and Systems

Companies need their logistics operations to be airtight, with no margin for error, every movement inside and outside the warehouse accounted for, each part having a plan.

Add in the ongoing demand for just-in-time (JIT) services, leaner supply chains, and more-synchronous manufacturing support solutions, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers are under increased pressure to deliver.

Comprehensive Logistics has been meeting the exacting demands of automotive and industrial OEMs for two decades, relying on precise IT engineering to reduce costs and increase capacity.

Comprehensive Logistics’ strategy aligns with OEMs’ goals to reduce the amount of inventory in their supply chains and increase visibility, so OEMs understand precisely where and how much inventory—down to the item level—is in their supply chains at any given time.