Tier-1 Suppliers

Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) puts all the parts together for our customers' supply chains.

Supply chains are more complex, increasing the pressure to make their parts available on-demand and deliver them to manufacturers on time.

In response to multibillion-dollar investments by OEMs in their facilities, Tier-1 automotive suppliers have to reduce cycle times and improve the velocity of their supply chains.


CLI Services

Because of CLIs extensive experience in the automotive industry, we are attuned to the challenges of Tier-1 suppliers, uniquely poised to maximize efficiency in their automotive manufacturing-support supply chains, shorten lead times, reduce inventory costs and increase delivery quality. We develop customized engineered solutions—reinforced with robust technologies, quality management, and Lean principles—that enable Tier-1 suppliers to stay miles ahead of market demands. We do this through:

Successful automotive suppliers rely on precise timing, tight efficiencies, and agility to ensure that all the moving parts of their supply chains align with automotive OEMs’ manufacturing goals.


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