Passenger Vehicles

The manufacturing of vehicles has changed, and with this the locations of automotive production plants are shifting to more strategically advantageous areas.

Competition among automotive OEMs is intense, prompting substantial investments in their supply chains to maximize productivity, improve quality, increase efficiencies and reduce overall costs.

The dynamics of these changes affect the entirety of the supply chains of automotive OEMs.



CLI Services

Comprehensive Logistics’ (CLI) services range from the engineering of supply chain networks and warehouse management to synchronous sub-assembly manufacturing and dedicated shuttle, transportation, and yard management.

  • CLI is a synchronous sub-assembly manufacturing provider to many domestic and foreign automotive OEMs.
  • CLI’s footprint encompasses more than 5 million square feet of value-added warehouse and manufacturing-support space in the “geographic center of the automotive industry.”
  • CLI developed a proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) specifically for high-complexity, high-volume OEM applications.
  • Thousands of CLI employees are continually trained to perform and deliver the highest quality standards in high-volume automotive OEM just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing-support operations.

As the marketplace shifts into overdrive and electrification, CLI is helping to make automotive OEMs’ supply chains more agile, Lean, responsive and innovative—just like the products they manufacture.


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