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Batteries Electric Vehicles

Consumers and manufacturers are shifting to the electrification of passenger and commercial vehicles. The global focus on zero emissions within this decade is progressive and brings us closer to an all-electric and smarter future.

Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) combines and brings its expertise in high-velocity automotive logistics operations management to bring value to battery electric vehicles (EV). We fill many roles in support of OEM supply chains. CLI enables lean-synchronization of material flows, by disciplined management of all processes and resources touching the varied parts from OEM suppliers destined for the assembly plant and ultimately delivered to the consumer.

CLI Services

We can manage products of any shape, size, or volume. CLI incorporates precision engineering and a proven control methodology to optimize warehouse and manufacturing-support operations and offer a full range of supply chain solutions:

Our proprietary STREME™ warehouse management system (WMS) is completely scalable to manage all material flow movements with an extremely high level of accuracy.


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