Plan For Every Part & Inventory Control

Millions of parts move in, through, and out of a warehouse at any given time.

By sheer volume alone, it’s understandable to think the absence of a few parts won’t make a difference to our inventory.

We think different, at every touchpoint, our proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) STREME™ ensures that all parts are tracked and available where and when they’re needed.

Integrated with our STREME WMS is a Plan For Every Part (PFEP) methodology, which drives every function CLI performs in a warehouse and manufacturing-support operation. Through in-depth analysis of numerous factors, such as pull-signal definition, facility location and layout, material flows, work instructions, and scope changes, our trained team documents and manages every part from supplier release to end-user with a focus on inventory control.

With a PFEP, we define and manage characteristics and information about each part, including its source, how it’s purchased and received, its weight and dimensions, its stackability, how it’s packaged, stored, and delivered, and its consumption rate and rate variability.

As a result, our OEM customers know exactly where parts are, at any given time, so they can be fully confident that their production schedules are being met.


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