Engineering Approach

Comprehensive Logistics’ (CLI) lean engineering-driven culture and control methodology strategically align with Plan For Every Part (PFEP) methodology and the quality principles of noted statistician and engineer William Edwards Deming.

Manufacturing Support Operation

What does that mean for a synchronous manufacturing-support operation? It ensures that CLI's highly engineered approach guides our experienced, multidisciplinary team to achieve three primary objectives:

  • Ensuring efficient, on-time implementations and generating productivity enhancements
  • Building in processes that ensure immediate response to change
  • Delivering maximum cost savings to our customers

We deploy dedicated synchronous manufacturing-support operations that are engineered to be flexible and agile to meet the evolving production requirements of OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers alike.

Highly Engineered Solutions


CLI's highly engineered solutions produce the optimal facility footprint that ensures precise space allocation to meet capacity, demand variability, and parts consumption. We engineer every facet of the operation by analyzing the mix and variability of part SKUs; shapes, sizes and weights; capacity; demand variability; min/max inventory levels; and time standards to meet OEMs' just-in-time production schedules.

Our engineers position the materials by high-runner/low-runner to maintain parts flow efficiency and employ “circle of work” techniques to maximize productivity.


Managing and Responding to Change



CLI's engineering approach paves the way for managing and responding immediately to change, which allows us to maintain standard operating procedures throughout our synchronous manufacturing-support operations. Once a change is identified, it goes through CLI's formal change management request process, which starts with engineering.

Our engineers log the change and analyze and calculate its impact, whether on resources, cost, or processes. We ensure that work instructions, the process failure mode effects analysis (PFMEA), and process-control plans are updated and that an irreversible corrective action is implemented and recorded.

From engineering a solution through launch to engineering scope changes that might occur at a steady-state, CLI's engineering team lays the foundation for a leaner, more efficient, and cost-effective synchronous manufacturing-support operation.


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