Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc. Press Release

Youngstown, Oh., May 1, 2019 – Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc. reported this morning that it has been able to react to the recent sudden closing of Falcon Transport Co. with no customer service interruption to its customers.

Falcon is one of many transportation service providers that provides trucking services to Comprehensive Logistics; however, Falcon only provided service to one of CLI’s numerous warehouse locations.

Brad Constantini, Comprehensive’s Chief Executive Officer, commented “we are very proud of the speed at which our leadership team reacted to the abrupt news that Falcon was ceasing operations effective immediately. Over this past weekend CLI was able to retain the vast majority of Falcon’s former drivers and immediately get them placed into Comprehensive Logistics positions. There was absolutely no down time or disruption of service to our customers.”

Although historically Comprehensive and Falcon were related entities at one time, the Companies were completely separated in November of 2016 when full ownership of Comprehensive was consolidated to Mr. Constantini. Since that time the businesses have been owned and operated independently.

About Comprehensive Logistics
Comprehensive is a full-service logistics and value add assembly business focused on automotive, construction, mining, agriculture and consumer goods industries. The Company has operations in more than 12 states and services a broad range of customers. Comprehensive had a record year of profitability in fiscal 2018 and is well positioned for growth in the future.

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