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Leaders can now confidently evaluate metrics with accessible data to gain true Business Intelligence.   

Comprehensive Logistics’ Business Intelligence team collaborates with our customers to define and deliver data analytics and strong metrics related to quality, operations and human resources (HR).  

Our cloud-based Analytics Platform—CLIQ—is a robust and adaptable tool that enables our team to partner with customers to transform data from various sources into:

  • Interactive reports,
  • Dashboards, and
  • Customizable and integrated predictive models with actionable insights on time every time.


CLIQ is CLI’s Innovative Proprietary Platform 

Every supply chain is unique, thus, data output formatting and reporting are customized for each customer’s specific operational needs.  

With customer collaboration, we define CLIQ requirements through discovery and exploration, the critical data is pinpointed within the multi-layer infrastructure and connected to the CLIQ repository. CLIQ supports hundreds of decisions taking place every day and delivers insight to users’ smartphones, PCs, etc.  

CLIQ captures and integrates data from different sources, directs attention to alerted areas of concern, reveals trends to support predictive and prescriptive decision making for the sole purpose of streamlining operations across the enterprise to:  

  • Equip operational leaders—apply Business Intelligence to achieve better tactical and strategic decision-making to improve operational control resulting in greater profitability.  
  • Make optimal decisions—analyze labor turnover, supply issues combined with production demand volatility to understand the operational impact.  
  • Build Business Intelligence competency—by connecting disparate data sources to a central repository structure for clean and transformed KPI reporting and customized information visualization with data-driven reports. 

Business Intelligence competency enables actionable insight on: 

  • Operational spend—labor, fixed cost and inventory levels/ budget overruns. 
  • Supply chain performance—shipment on-time trends, quality and supply risk quality across the entire supply chain.  
  • Warehouse process effectiveness—data-driven alerts that impact immediate decisions and future capacity planning cycle times for all processes from tactical to strategic decision guidance.   

Connectivity for exploration of multi-layer data sources  (customer data systems, operational resources, material flow systems, sequencing cells, and assembly lines with critical IOT sensors) into a central repository hub allows CLIQ to clean and transform, filter, overlay and configure data into manageable formats, for visualization and mobile alert triggers. EDI structures connect elements that positively impact responsible operations teams including manufacturing, quality, HR, sales and finance.   

Mobile access to Business Intelligence metrics.

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