Executive Leadership

Experience... There’s no substitute for it.

At Comprehensive Logistics, our leadership team leverages decades of experience to help automotive and industrial OEMs break through to sustainable supply chain success.

Their passion and commitment to excellence are reflected in each of our employees trained to meet the highest quality standards for Comprehensive Logistics’ customers.

Brad Constantini, Chief Executive Officer

Brad Constantini is the CEO of Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

Mr. Constantini manages all financial and operational aspects of Comprehensive Logistics, including profit and loss, capital expansion, contract-manufacturing support for operations, lines of credit, and lending relationships to support the company’s year-over-year, double-digit growth. He has played a major role in Comprehensive Logistics’ rise to become the premier third-party logistics provider of high-volume, high-velocity, highly complex warehouse management; contract manufacturing; and transportation and yard management services for the automotive and select nonautomotive industries.

Brian Hume, Chief Operating Officer

Brian Hume is the COO of Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

Mr. Hume is responsible for the overall operational management and growth of the company, and for maintaining the corporate vision, mission, and continuous improvement process-driven culture. He was an integral part of the company’s ascension to a leadership position in providing mission-critical, custom-engineered logistics solutions that involve high-speed, high-volume JIT/JIS material flows; value-added services, including kitting, sequencing, and synchronous sub-assembly manufacturing; and transportation and yard management.

Under Mr. Hume’s tenure, Comprehensive Logistics has become an elite third-party logistics (3PL) provider for Fortune 500 automotive and select industrial OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers.

Steve Olender, Vice President of Information Technology

Steve Olender is vice president of information technology (IT) for Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

Mr. Olender was a major developer of the company’s proprietary, Web-enabled process visibility and supply chain intelligence technology, STREME™, and has overall responsibility for developing a disciplined, replicable companywide approach to process automation, including error-proofing through the interface and integration of IT platforms.

Mr. Olender focuses on deploying state-of-the-art, high-availability data centers that support the company’s ultra-high transaction processes, which must be robust and have the proper redundant components to support mission-critical operations.

Trey Lyda, Vice President of Corporate Services

Trey Lyda is director of corporate services for Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

Mr. Lyda integrates the full range of company multidisciplinary resources—sales, operations, accounting, quality, IT—into replicable best practices that yield the least cost/highest capability solutions to customers.

Mr. Lyda is responsible for all Comprehensive Logistics solutions, as well as managing the engineering and costing for new business. He is an integral part of negotiating new contracts and managing the construction for build-to-suit facilities.

Kenneth Engel, Vice President, Human Resources and HS&E

Mr. Engel is VP, Human Resources and HS&E for Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

An accomplished Executive with diverse logistics, distribution and manufacturing experience. Functional expertise to include: culture creation & transformation, talent acquisition & retention, total rewards & recognition, employee engagement & development and labor & employee relations.

Within Comprehensive Logistics, Mr. Engel is responsible for strategic Human Capital initiatives that enhance organizational capabilities and accountabilities that align with sustainable performance, business growth and long-term customer relations.

Jeff Peters, Vice President of Quality and General Motors Business Unit Executive

Mr. Peters is VP of Quality for Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

The term “Quality” is broadly applied to multiple operational functions at CLI, each with a specific tasks and actions that Jeff Peters’ corporate quality stewardship engages on behalf of the customer. Mr. Peters is an integral part of evaluating and specifying the Quality Management System.

From project Launch to Steady-State operations, Jeff and the CLI team work to exceed world-class standards consistently.

Patrick Brugger, Vice President of Materials Management

Mr. Brugger is VP of Materials Management for Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

Inventory management of OEM materials, analysis of material flow-paths and warehouse footprint optimization will be Mr. Brugger’s responsibility for CLI. With global assignments, module-level SAP/ERP applications experience and automotive manufacturing knowledge, Pat Brugger will assure visibility and stewardship of materials in CLI possession. (encompassing holding yards, warehouses, WIP, in-warehouse sub-assembly material consumption, kitting and repack processes with 99%+ inventory accuracy).

Mr. Brugger will promote CLI’s holistic material management approach. Customer PFEP files and part lifecycle change management of inbound materials (BOM and SKU analytics) will be coordinated with all CLI operations disciplines to assure sustainable material management efficiencies with minimized customer risk exposure.

Farshid Hosseini, Vice President of Business Intelligence (BI)

Farshid is leading the development and adoption of the company’s proprietary cloud-based analytics platform, that brings visibility to supply chain processes and drives actionable business insights at activity, plant, and corporate levels. Enabling CLI and clients to identify data-driven actionable insights, execute robust monitoring processes, and deliver performance results beyond Six Sigma standards. CLI BI technologies integrate with CLI’s STREMETM and clients’ ERP systems and turn supply chain data into BI applications that enable CLI to implement exception-based and data-driven predictive management.

Farshid holds a Ph.D. in business administration, multiple Masters degrees in Data Analytics, Finance and Marketing. Mr. Hosseini has a Bachelors degree in Operations Management.

John Hopton, Chief Financial Officer—Director of Corporate Finance

John Hopton is the chief financial officer—director of corporate finance for Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

Mr. Hopton directs all financial, accounting, and controllership activities for the company.

Mr. Hopton is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Ohio Society of CPAs.

Kevin Lickfelt, Director of Operations

Kevin Lickfelt is a director of operations for Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc.

Mr. Lickfelt has managerial and operational oversight, including complete profit and loss responsibility, of five warehousing facilities. He utilizes his extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge of Lean manufacturing techniques optimizing labor, equipment, and space utilization to provide a cost-competitive edge over other industry contenders.