Transportation Management

- Reduce freight costs

- Improve service levels

- Enhance long-term profitability

Maximize efficiencies while meeting time-definite service requirements
Eliminate routing compliance issues & receive competitive carrier prices
Prevent supply chain disruptions through proactive shipment event monitoring

Custom Logistics Programs
Many service providers use a template-driven approach, attempting to "force fit" off-the-shelf solutions into specific customer programs. CLI believes that each customer is different and that one size cannot fit all. CLI's experienced transportation management analysts use a diagnostic process to design a custom plan that's right for you. We begin with a thorough analysis of your freight history, internal processes, requirements and vision for the future. We then develop a strategy that will transform your existing supply chain and promote your organization's long-term growth.

At CLI, we operate exclusively on your behalf, as your agent. We don't receive any commissions or hidden margins, so all costs are completely transparent to you. We focus entirely on delivering low-cost, high-service logistics alternatives.

Our transportation management capabilities are powered by a highly configurable Internet-based transportation management systems (TMS). Experienced staff at our 24/7 load control center (LCC) use the technology to manage all planned, ad hoc and expedited shipments within strict time-definite delivery requirements.

Core Transportation Management Capabilities
CLI will provide you with a more efficient, reliable and flexible transportation strategy.

CLI systems help you:

Plan each order. capture and consolidate orders to build optimal loads for modal selection and route planning. The goal is to ship each order as efficiently as possible while meeting service requirements.

Get the right carrier at the right price. select the most efficient carrier for any given route based on contracted rates, which ensures complete routing compliance. When a carrier is not automatically selected, CLI TMS uses an online auction tool to find qualified carriers at competitive prices within minutes.

Manage execution. monitor all shipment-related events, from carrier tender/acceptance to arrival for pickup and delivery. CLI TMS technology can also be customized to capture and monitor any event that's important to you. When a monitored event is at risk of not occurring as scheduled, CLI-TMS issues an alert to the LCC, and the 24/7 staff immediately implements a corrective action.

Report key performance indicators (KPIs). A web-based KPI Dashboard delivers financial, operational and carrier-based KPIs, as well as custom performance metrics, to help you make more informed decisions. Dashboard reporting allows you to monitor and analyze your overall strategy at a glance and enables analysis to uncover opportunities for performance improvements.

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