Supply Chain Management

SupplyChainMgmtrobotics src= order cycle times & improve service levels
Process controls ensure accuracy & reliability
Standardized processes ensure strict compliance with your KPIs
Reduce inventory, equipment, labor & real estate costs

The Science of Process Control
Supply chain management starts with seamless execution of the fundamentals. But the possibilities are endless. All distribution and warehousing activities, regardless of material, product or complexity, are based on six core processes:

Receive > Store > Pick > Add Value > Package > Ship

continuousimprovementweb src=images/stories/general/continuousimprovementweb.pngAt CLI, each core process is carefully choreographed to control even the slightest variation. We've spent years pursuing error-prevention controls and have invested heavily in the most advanced information systems and automated equipment available. The result is a set of highly efficient, robust processes working in concert to minimize the potential for nonconformance.

And we don't stop there. Our Continuous Improvement methodology drives us to make constant refinements that bring our core operations closer to perfection. It's this operational discipline that provides our customers with exponential improvements in accuracy, performance and year-over-year financial growth. 

Scalable Service Models
With CLI, customers gain access to the most efficient, capable processes, whether their demands are simple or highly complex. To create a custom supply chain management/warehousing program tailored to a client’s specific needs, CLI creates unique variants of the fundamental processes of warehousing—receive, store, pick, add value, package and ship—to suit the parameters of a specific application. This detailed process includes a Plan For Every Part (PFEP) methodology. The result is a scalable service model created especially for the client’s unique key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Because core processes are lean and flexible, CLI can easily dial operational complexity up or down to manage the requirements of any material, product or volume in any industry. CLI’s fundamental processes can efficiently manage simple warehousing operations. If and when more complex processes are required due to business growth or changes in product mix, CLI already has the technology and proven process capabilities in place. As a result, clients can be confident that CLI can handle their most basic requirements while at the same time remaining poised for additional growth and complexity.

Core Supply Chain Management Capabilities
• Dedicated & multi-client warehousing
• Cross docking & flow-through distribution
• Vendor-managed inventory
• Reusable container management
• Reverse logistics
• Consulting & engineering support
• Network optimization & real estate development
• Export processing & shipping
• Strategic protection of supply
• Sequencing
• Small-lot picking and replenishment
• Bulk inventory storage
• International inbound materials management
• Just-in-time logistics 

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