Contract Manufacturing & Subassembly

SubassemblywebGain production flexibility & ensure consistent product quality
Maximize facility space & reduce excess inventory
Eliminate non-value-added activities & lean your supply chain
Lower fixed costs and gain web-based visibility into work in process

High Stakes or Simple: We Can Handle It
Assembly plays a crucial role in manufacturing, regardless of product type, complexity or volume. As an experienced provider of value-added assembly services for some of the most complex product configurations imaginable, CLI understands the importance of this critical function. Our processes are inherently flexible, and layers of built-in error-proofing controls make accuracy the path of least resistance. Our process capabilities enable us to achieve world-class results, even in the most stringent quality and service environments.

Our value-added service offerings are scalable, so we can easily dial the complexity up or down to fit your exact key performance indicators (KPIs). CLI can:

  • Build subassembly modules within 40-micron error tolerances—a quantity smaller than the diameter of a human hair
  • Coordinate the flow of inbound materials from hundreds of global suppliers
  • Assemble product configurations with nearly 100 variants and deliver them to production lines in precise build sequence 

SubassemblyvisionHigh-tech automation and disciplined process controls drive our extreme accuracy rate (less than five defects per million) and enable us to excel in the most stringent contract manufacturing applications. Vision systems verify location, presence and orientation of components in more than 30 critical areas. Robotic equipment controls variation and eliminates the potential for human error. Light-directed picking and RFID systems enhance accuracy and automate replenishment. Fixtures with built-in error proofing cause interference when an operator attempts to place the wrong part in an assembly. And line-side programmable controllers constantly monitor and identify any potential for nonconformance. We also capture and store item-level details—down to the specific torque value of a bolt—and make the information available in real time and years later as a perpetual record of an assembly's history to protect our customers from liability.

 Core Contract Manufacturing & Value-Added Capabilities
 Value-added assembly & fabrication
 Metering & sorting
 Kitting & bundling
 Packing & repacking
 Contract packaging
 Quality inspection, error-proofing & rework

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