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Responsive. Lean. Transparent.
Comprehensive Logistics Co. Inc. (CLI) gives you the lean, flexible supply chain you need to compete in today's complex, unpredictable business environment. We are a premier, non-asset-based provider of engineered logistics services for complex supply chains. As an award-winning third-party logistics provider, we are experienced in exceeding the most stringent logistics requirements.

The CLI Promise: Flexibility. Cost Reduction. Control. Complete Transparency.
Flexibility. Thanks to our lean size and process-driven culture, we can modify, adapt and execute quickly and on demand to your changing needs.
Cost Reduction. Our disciplined approach to Continuous Improvement systematically and permanently eliminates inefficiencies and waste throughout our operations. The benefits are passed directly to you in the form of superior supply chain performance, year-over-year financial improvements and enhanced competitive advantage.
Control. When you partner with CLI, you don't sacrifice control for better supply chain performance. Our Internet-based supply chain intelligence tools give you an open window into the most granular, real-time details, allowing you to monitor, manage and command your end-to-end supply chain.
Complete Transparency. CLI 
embraces open-book pricing and a collaborative spirit that focuses on constant communication. All internal business processes, costs, pricing data and engineering methodologies are fully accessible to both new and existing clients. CLI’s commitment to full transparency enables customers to maintain control over every step of the outsourcing process—from initial engineering and costing all the way through startup and steady state. As a result, customers can be completely confident that engineered processes and services will never contain any hidden costs or unnecessary waste.

A Century of Expertise
The CLI lineage began in 1903 when J.V. McNicholas began handling general transport and storage with a basic horse-and-cart operation. McNicholas expanded to form Compass Transportation and purchased Falcon Transport, a provider of just-in-time transportation services to automotive, steel and general-goods suppliers and manufacturers.

In response to market needs, Comprehensive Logistics Inc. was formed in 1995 to provide total supply chain management expertise to companies across North America. Today, CLI operates as an independent third-party logistics provider focused exclusively on the needs of manufacturers, distributors and shippers.

Company Vitals
• Certified to ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949
• 99.97% inventory accuracy rate
• 99.4% on-time delivery rate
• More than 2 million square feet of facility operating space in North America
• World-class quality performance: Less than five defects per million (DPPM)
• Specialized expertise in synchronous manufacturing & just-in-time delivery

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