• Engineered supply<br />chain solutions

    Engineered supply
    chain solutions

  • Plan for every<br />part aligned

    Plan for every
    part aligned

  • Execute to<br />world-class<br />standards

    Execute to

  • Innovative<br />sub-assembly<br />technologies


  • Continuous<br />improvement<br />focus


  • Lean-driven<br />culture


Engineering . . . Execution . . . World-class Results

Comprehensive Logistics is redefining how logistics and synchronous contract manufacturing get done. We start by analyzing the most-vexing challenges that automotive and industrial OEMs face in their high-volume, high-velocity manufacturing environments.

We determine the optimal fit between our wide range of services—warehouse management, contract manufacturing, dedicated shuttles, transportation management, and yard management—and OEMs’ needs.

Then we develop highly engineered processes and customized solutions, incorporating structured control methodologies, quality management systems, uniform operating procedures, and quality and safety protocols.

Our on-time start-ups and precision execution are backed by a proprietary, Web-enabled warehouse management system and an unwavering commitment to process perfection and continuous improvement, enabling us to produce consistently superior results and maximize cost savings.

Case Studies

The pressure’s on a major automotive OEM when consumer demand heats up for two popular truck models. As the supplier responsible for building the trucks’ fascias, Comprehensive Logistics went into overdrive to meet the OEM’s requirements.
Exorbitant repacking expenses and superfluous processes in a contract-manufacturing facility supporting a Fortune 100 automotive OEM spurred Comprehensive Logistics to streamline the operations.

Conferences/Trade Shows

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

May 16-19, 2016

At this year’s conference you’ll learn how to create and manage a bimodal value chain strategy that achieves essential performance goals while simultaneously allowing for iteration and experimentation.

A Comprehensive View

Apr 19, 2016
For the second consecutive year, two members of Comprehensive Logistics’ executive leadership have received national recognition for meeting the challenges of today’s economic landscape and preparing customers to meet those challenges.
Apr 19, 2016
Thousands of parts go into the production of a vehicle—parts that have to come together quickly and in a precise sequence in order to meet stringent production goals.
Oct 9, 2015
It’s a seminal moment for 3PL providers, which are treading water when it comes to innovation and customer satisfaction, says an eyefortransport report. So, how can 3PL providers shift into a higher gear?

Recognition we have received: